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Corporate Atyachaar ...the comical journey of an office doormat

The Author
Ahay Nagrajan did his schooling in Mumbai and Bangalore. He did his graduation from SRCC, Delhi and followed that up with a Masters degree in finance (MFC) form University of Delhi. He worked at University of Delhi. He worked as a financial advisor for over two years. Besides working or writings, he enjoys reading up on cricket statistics-his first love since class five. This is his debut novel.

The Book
The book is about the professional journey of a 24 year young guy who has just passed out of college and has been placed as Associate Finance Advisor with Wealth Capital Associated Private Limited, a Bangalore based financial firm which deals primarily with limited set of exclusive HNI clients and helps them manage their personal finances. The story begins around March 2007 when the Indian economy is booming and is completely unaware of the following economic catastrophe.  Shortly after joining, the subservient and enthusiastic lad learns that his new boss is dominating, obnoxious and has a very peculiar habit of constantly scratching his crotch. The story is a humourous journey during which the lad acquires along with professional experience, a lot of personal experiences dealing with his irritating boss and various clients of his firm and how their attitude changes with the arrival of the massive downfall of the Indian economy.  The race to save his job while still maintaining the big reputation of the employers and in order to chase his first appraisals proves to be quite ludicrously amusing.

The Verdict
This is a debut book of the author. Overall the story is quite simple and flows easily.  The author has been able to tickle the funny bone.  None of the situations described seemed impractical at any point. Language used is very much ordinary, and graspable. Overall, the book is quite enjoyable and can be finished in short time.

The Recommendation
As a debut author Mr. Abhay Nagrajan has done quite appreciable job.  He chose a storyline which is part of the life of an ordinary employed person.  The front-cover of the book has been sparsely decorated but tries to insinuate the happenings in the story.  And last but not the least, the book has been priced reasonably. Click here to buy the book on

The Details
Book: Corporate Atyaachaar : The Comical Journey Of An Office Doormat
Author: Abhay Nagarajan





Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2010
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Edition: 2010
Language: English

*NOTE: Upon request from Abhay, I am hereby publishing my personal views on his debut book and do not mean any kind of offence to anybody by any means.


Deepika said...

congrats too ur friend first :)and now nice review... might read it sometime.. or maybe after exams..

Vishal Raj said...

@Deepika: Thanks on behalf of my friend. Do give it a try. I am sure you'll love it. Would request you to put your reviews here whenever you're done with the book. Best of luck for your exams.

R-A-J said...

Hey Vishal,

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Cheers !!

n btw, congrats to ur friend on hvn been able to complete a book. wud it b possible tht i cud get in touch wid him? And good review: very structured n concise, maybe cud include the price.

Anyways, Rock On n do Vote.


Vishal Raj said...

@R-A-J: Thanks for dropping in. I accept your congrats on behalf of my friend. And check out your blog for my comments. Do come back again.

Pramod said...

Horrible Read. Nothing funny beyond the first chapter.
Looked like I was reading someone’s personal diary. I really cannot figure out as to why this chap wrote this novel!@#$%

Absolutely no characterization beyond the boss. No beginning and No end! Nothing to narrate beyond silly incidences. Some anecdotes border the impossible.

Some of the jokes are frankly cheap and demeaning. Midway, this chap felt that the fun element was missing, so he started adding “fart” and “mucus from nose” to THRILL the reader!

ALL in ALL… This book begins and ends in the first chapter. Read it while browsing for other books at the store!


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