Friday, April 23, 2010

You are very special coz....

Whenever I think of you, smile plays on my face
Coz enchanting is your charm, amazing is your grace

When I see you around, my eyes go glittering
I wonder, you'll come to me, and I keep jittering

When I am with you, my heart jumps with joy
Our moments of togetherness, I so much enjoy

When you speak to me, music plays into my ears
Mesmerized, I murmur, "Go on. Go on. Go on dear!"

When you hold my hands, I can feel you care
I love thy gesture, and I love thy stares

When you hug me tight, it makes me delighted
My arms around you, we are one, we are united

When you kiss on my lips, you are irresistible

Oh Gawd !! Oh Gawd !!, Please.... don't stop
I am walking in heaven, just hold me when I drop

I thank God for your friendship and your love
For you are very special, Coz you are my LOVE

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffin of your love

Yes, you are not worth my love
And you deserve much more

So my dear, you can bury me
In haunted coffin of your love

Thou shall be free, thou can elude
There, I shall remain in
With your love in my heart
Silent, with my solitude

P.S. : This is purely fictional content created by imagination. Any relation to reality is just a matter of co-incidence.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I would always remember

We had never met, like those perfect strangers
Crossing by, just gazing though n passing smirks
That smile of yours, I would always remember

I longed to be friends, you were too busy to care
We whispered, prattled n laughters went off blare
That chat of yours, I would always remember

Amazed & thrilled, enchanted by your charm
Friendship, then, blossomed, we moved closer
That trait of yours, I would always remember

Then one day, out of the blue, I saw you crying
Those beautiful watery eyes, were just drying
That tear of yours, I would always remember

We went hand in hand, hugged each other
With love, I embraced you, n smothered
That trust of yours, I would always remember

You my friend, are such a brat, still my sweet heart
A best buddy of my life, a darling you are
That friendship of yours, I would always remember

Monday, April 12, 2010

The stranger in my life

Life was numb, and the world had moved on
I stayed back, calm, not trying to keep up

Yearning to solve the mooted riddles of life
Looking into the deep sky, day and night

I wondered, I wandered, awake and in dreams
Cursed the prime, for life out of me, reamed.

And then the maroon, had the gift like a boon
Precious, beautiful so, melodious as chime
I jumped in joy, my heart just whined
Life was good, joys flowed like rhyne

Time was flawless, moods were on swings,
Happiness bloated, blisses were on shing

But then later, I just agnize,
These are just the midgetly dreams
That I see with the open eyes

I know you, too, will move on, again
Life, at its best, will be ruthless again
I'll weep, i'll weep, i'll so weep in pain
Take a deep sigh, and lose you to vain

But don't you worry, I shall be fine
Don't worry my friend, I shall be fine

Saturday, April 10, 2010

This ain't no friendship dear

This ain't no friendship my dear, the path we take
We just do it all, but love, we don't make

I am amazed what attracts me to you
Your simplicity, your smile or just your pain
We know we'll part away some day,
Attempts of togetherness will be lost in vain

But still we do it all, moments to relish
I wonder, our love is just not so selfish

Forget me not, my friend
Coz I worry for you, I care for you
Just remember me once, and
I am always there for you.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Sorry I forgot to tell you
That as friend I must be true.
As that I went to say,
No more were we at play.
I meant to tell you we are alright
But all of a sudden we got into fight.
I went to tell you we should be friends,
That I will be here untill the end.
But you would not listen to me,
So friends no longer shall we be ?


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