Saturday, May 29, 2010

Journey of life

Its a long... journey between Life and Death
And there is no escape my friend

Any path you may choose for the expedition
the equations will vary

The sum of happiness and sorrows
would remain the constant, by your fate

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Being selfish in love

If being selfish in love is a sin
Then every body who loves is a sinner, first
I, too,  choose to be a sinner
Until I lose and become


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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Come back

Every time that our paths intersect
I turn around and look for you
I know you are not there,
But I still see you there
Through my imaginations

It makes me feel sad
And makes me feel happy
This is making me mad
And this is making me sappy

Every moment you are missing from my life
My life is missing moments from my life
All I say is, come back
Please come back

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The way I have loved you
And the way I love you
Nobody else deserves it, ever

Because nobody is you
And I would not let
anybody be you, ever

No matter what destiny holds
I shall write my own fate, you
And if its not you, .....

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Now, all that I am left with is
Though I don't know if the trust is
In God, in You, or in Me
Or may be this is just a delusion

I am just holding on to this thought
That one fine day, I shall be granted
The wish of my life that I say
Nothing more would I want for life

The pains would be pleasures
Obstacles would be blessings

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh ! Dear God !

Oh! Dear God !

Every time I have made a wish
You have been so wise to me

Right or wrong, I never gave a thought
All I did was, made wishes I sought

I was happy, I was sad
I said you good, I said you bad

Carefully, throughly, thoughtfully though
This time, listen to my prayer
Before deciding, breath-in some air

The wish I make is for my life
The wish I make is for my love

Make my love my life, forever
And I shall ask for nothing more
Because my love is my life
So I shall ask for nothing more

Oh ! Dear God !

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Friday, May 21, 2010

I will be no more

I am trying to move away from you,

And my destiny is ripping us apart
I wish somehow I could elude
The baffle is creating a turmoil

I wish I could scream out
Return back the pangs of life
But I will take it all
I will not smile again

Come, hurt me some more
And I shall sustain through

I know the pain is awful
But this will come to an end
The pain will be no more
Because one day, I will be no more

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gone are the dreams of my eyes

I saw you, you were here only, right here
I blinked my eyes, and you were gone
I can't see you anywhere, I can't feel you
Were you a dream in my open eyes
I wonder why did I felt you, your presence
Your love & affection, your touch & sense

I know that you are not here
Still, I'll always hold you inside me, tight, forever
Though it is hurting like anything
But now the pain is the only the pleasure
Though it is hurting like anything
These sufferings are my only treasure

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Monday, May 17, 2010

No matter....

No matter what I wish, coz you are my only yearn
No matter what I dream, coz you are my only fantasy
No matter what I pray, coz you are my only devotion

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Go away...!!!

I know that some day you may leave me, for ever and for ever
I beg you, don't hold me so tight that I can't run away from you

You will not come back to me
No matter how much I cry, and scream my lungs out
I will be alive, though I shall die from within, brutally
No emotions, no feeling, no love, no life
Just a structure breathing & moving, but twinged

You'll never know when would I slip away from your world
Roaming alone in search of the inner peace, lost forever
To find that almighty I've never believed in
To ask all those unanswered questions in my heart

Standing at some lonely high corner of the world
I would stare at that unending high
and scream and scream and scream till I loose my voice
and then also I shall scream from within, till I die
and then also I shall scream from my grave till I get earth
And then every bit of earth would scream
Choke the universe with the pain I have in my small heart

I'll not let you hear them, I'll not let you feel them
Coz I 'll never let you know the whereabout of my pains
No matter what form of the universe I am in
I would always love you, be with you
wherever you are, wherever your love is

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friendship v/s Love

There are times when I wanna stay just calm
But you'd want to me to speak up my heart
When I open my heart to you, you go mute
Mutely you say, "Why you seem so shrewd?"

I want you to be friend, I want to be your friend
A friendship so strong, which never would bend
I want you to be my love, I want to be your love
Our love so prudent, our love without any end

When I am friend, you look around for my love
And if I love you, you say "Just be my friend."
Let me be your love, or just let me be a friend
Don't keep me perplexed, lets bring this to an end

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I want you.. again...

Since the time you have left me
I trove you
In every bit of what you left behind

A broken heart
The entangled emotions
That sabotaged love
And a subverted me

Still, Looking at this boundless cosmos
I see you in all my wide open eyes see
I feel you in all my mortal touches
I want you in all I would wish forever

Please come back to me
For the severance is killing me every moment I'm alive without you
I want to live again, me being a part, only of you
I want to breathe again, with life you infuse in me

Love you. Maa

I was wandering in the vast utopia of the almighty
When I heard a sweet voice calling me by name
Deliriously I looked around for the one calling me
Hoping to see the beautiful angel or a lovely dame

There she was, from another beautiful world of the divine
waiting for me, hoping for me, so joyed and elated
The dreams that she saw, the plans that she had
Its been long time, how long had she waited

She took the pains to bring me to this world
And to love me and love me and love me a lot
There I was in her tender hands, tears in eyes
Anxiously, excitedly, zealously, ardently she saw

A part of her; living, moving, smiling; in her embrace
She was complete once again, new life carved out of her
Blessed, gifted by god, for life; and ever I wish so

I dedicate this post to my mother, an inseparable part of me, my life. Love you MAA.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

All that I do.... for you.....

I see you, not only because 
you want me to see you
because I too want to see you.

I touch you, not only because
you want me to touch you
because I too want to touch you.

I hold you, not only because
you want me to hold you
because I too want to hold you.

I feel for you, not only because
you want me to feel for you
because I too want to feel for you.

 I do it for you, not only because
you want me to do for you
because I too want to do it for you.

I love you, not only because
you want me to love you
because I too want to love you.

I wrote this for you, not only because
you want to me write it for you
because I too want to write this for you.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Words you say...

Every word that you say
make my life
break my life

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Soul Mate

Every time I mate with you

The more my soul


with you

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Soul of my life

If, ever, you look inside me

all you will see is


the soul of my life

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