Thursday, August 5, 2010

Awesome Rishikesh

These are the pics for my Rishikesh trip with my friends. A superb place to chill out. A must visit for every one who loves adventure, specially rafting, rock climbing etc.
White sand beaches, cool breeze, bone-chilling water, natural beauty, lovely mountains, lots of greenery; whoa. I loved the place and is worth recommendation.

A very calm place away from the concrete jungle. Relaxing and soothing. Camping is the only way of available for shelter.

 Weather is usually pleasant at day time and cool in nights. The serene beauty of the location is amazingly spell-bounding. Time just comes to a stand still at this place.


Birgitta "foto CHIP" said...

It looks like an awesome place :)

Anonymous said...

Hey I love the place.. have put up loads of pix on my blog. Did you visit the river rafting paradise ? Lovely write up

Vishal Raj said...

Thanks. Yes the place is lovely. I shall explore your blog. And I didn't write much because every blog that was listed had not written much. Thanks for your visit, comments.

Gazal Bharadwaj said...

Rishikesh is a beautiful place... Your post reminded me o my school picnics and trips :)


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