Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You are in love

"Love" is one word of which everybody is very very familiar. But do people actually understand before jumping on the conclusion that they are in love ? I am sure love is often misunderstood for attraction, infatuation, obsession,  fascination etc. And I do agree that these are the first steps toward being in love, the initial steps. But if you are on the right path( highly dependent on your fate ), these misunderstanding gets converted to the most awaited, irresistible emotion, LOVE.

So here I mention a few points which may indicate that the person you have found is in love with you as much as you are in love with him/her.
  1. You are absolutely comfortable with each other and feel you have known each other since long, even if your courtship period is small one.
  2. You generally agree to each other.
  3. You treat each other with equality and the fact never arises that who has compromised more.
  4. You get involved with each other in every big or small activities, even of daily life.
  5. You go around kidding with each other, adding happiness and friendliness to the bonding.
  6. You two give each other special treatment, more attention, mutual appreciations, acceptances, admiration and playfulness. This keeps the romance warm and alive.
  7. You enjoy spending more time together in homely environment to feel 'at home' with each other.
  8. You don't pretend and just be yourself. Similarly you let your partner be what he/she is. The expression of feelings is true and open.
  9. There is a shared feeling of mutual growth and support. You both give each other space for inter-personal and individual growth.
  10. You are able to work out with your problem with ease and objective approach.
  11. You are flexible, compassionate, gracious and expect best from your partner.
  12. Forgiving is not tough when things go out of way, and trusting each other keeps you closer.
  13. You are protective(not obsessive or controlling) towards each other and like to keep your romantic lives in privacy.
  14. Commitment and dedication exists to ensure that feeling of separation never creeps in between(luck plays a huge role here, believe me or not; I know because ....  ah ! don't bother me)
  15. The sexual chemistry is apparent and tangible as well.
  16. Expressing yourselves emotionally and sexually comes naturally and without inhibitions. Feeling secure with one another puts you in the “mood" for intimacy and strengthens your affections for one another.
  17. You have the guts to take bigger risks or challenges since you can always count upon your partner.
  18. There is a whole lot of positive energy generated between the tow of you, and together, you are enthusiastic about life.
  19. The longer you're with each other, the stronger the relationship is growing.
  20. Your relationship is so life-changing that you know without a doubt in your heart that if it were to end, you will take something from it. You feel that you are somehow a very different and much better person.

Other than the above mentionings, the signs below indicate you have already fallen for someone( though you may not have expressed it )

  1. You feel restlessness as soon as he/she is out of sight.
  2. You better prefer to be lonely than being in a circle which does not comprised of him/her.
  3. You feel energetic, the world seem different. You get curious. You pass smile to everybody. You seem to be having all the nice gestures.
  4. There is a change in your tone. Suddenly it becomes soft and sexy.
  5. Even if you are the worst bathroom singer, you still hum love songs and love to listen to them.
  6. You get conscious about your personality. You tend to be smarter, attractive, handsome/beautiful.
  7. He/She grabs most of the time of you attention.
  8. You try to find likes and dislikes of your love and try to gift them accordingly, very often.
  9. You become restless, anxious, pessimistic following the failure in meeting your love, but feel complacence of co-operating him/her by controlling self.
  10. Your love becomes the most unique in whole world. None other will  look more attractive and charming.
  11. You share your personal information and secret and expect the same from the other one.
  12. You leave no stone unturned in making the person believe that you are completely loyal and are ready to prove your loyalty in just any way.
  13. You always smile when ever you think of that person.
  14. You imagine yourself with your love in every thing that you see, read, listen, feel or just anything. You see him/her as an inseparable part of you.

Hey you; Yeah; I am not serious about anything that you have just read. My intention was absolutely not what you had thought when you read the title or first few lines of this post. If you had fun reading all these, good for you. If not, still, good for me.

Image courtesy: picturesquare.com, desicomments.com
*P.S. : These points have been compiled from various sources.


ritika said...

Oh my god!!

After reading it fully, I realize, I am not in love!! :)) Thnks for the help!

Prateek said...

Oh wow. You just realized me what it was, love or a fling. :)
Nicely written

Vishal Raj said...

@Prateek: Well, good to know that at least I am of help to you. Welcome to my blog. Hope you like it.


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