Monday, November 8, 2010


I wonder if you'll look into my eyes; ever
And still find the love that prevailed between us

My eyes still lust for one look of yours
My hands rise in vain to touch you again
My lips long for the moisture of your kisses
My soul lurks for yours

Nothing more that I wish for
And you are nowhere around to love me; ever

दिवाना हँसता है तो हँसने दे यार
बेचारा तन्हाई में बैठ कर रोया बहुत है

Just wanted to add the last two irrelevant lines for me; and for you.


Anonymous said...

Wow this is amazing i love it! you are such a wonderful writer... please drop by my blog sometime..

Vishal Raj said...

@Emmy: Hey ! am happy that you liked my work. Just try my hands at writing. Will surely drop at your blog. Am sure, it'll be much better than mine.


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