Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Office romance

she: the world has said it.  i'm waiting for you.
he : oh !! yes !!  best of luck. and don't shout this time.
she: why do i need luck ?
he : i kinda thought you were going for your review meeting.
she: duh ! why are you always like this ?
he : did i miss something ?
she: did you even looked at me. for god sake.
he : ok !!
she: everybody noticed me, said i'm looking beautiful, but you didn't even noticed.
he : wow !! you really look stunning today.
she: i really don't care what others say.
he : i mean you really are looking so good. did you lose some weight, too ? i think that make you even more sexy.
she: very funny. huh !! i thought... but never mind.
he : ok ok !! say now
she: i wore this suit, put some extra kajal, lip gloss, my heels...  everyone said i'm looking nice. and you...
he : i noticed
she: i think i made all these efforts in vain
he : i noticed you look different
she: duh! i shouldn't have done all this, at least not for you
he:  but i really noticed. that you're actually looking beautiful today.
she: it doesn't matter anymore.
he : but listen...
she: now what ?
he : you know naa, i can't do this so openly.
she: so, you could have messaged.
he : oh yes !! of course.
she: i put in so much of effort, only and only for you
he : ok ok, now don't be angry. and...  did i tell you how beautiful you look with this intensity in your eyes... it just kills me...  oh my god.
she: tell me more.
he : i'll, but at the food counter. lets go, grab a bite, i'm hungry.

She giggles, he sighs and they both move, hand in hand.

P.S: This is a work of fiction but relation with reality is quite possible.

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Alka Gurha said...

Interesting....i am sure many will relate to it in secret.

Vishal Raj said...

I am sure Alkaji. :-)

Ritika said...

ahan!! i havent joined office yet!! :D

Vishal Raj said...

@Ritika: Let you fantasies to wild then !!!

Angel said...

Writer ,this is true ,it happened! Good piece.!


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