Thursday, April 15, 2010

Coffin of your love

Yes, you are not worth my love
And you deserve much more

So my dear, you can bury me
In haunted coffin of your love

Thou shall be free, thou can elude
There, I shall remain in
With your love in my heart
Silent, with my solitude

P.S. : This is purely fictional content created by imagination. Any relation to reality is just a matter of co-incidence.


Richa Sharma said...

This is sad n painful....
But they say: "Love never dies" so be assured you shall be alive n breathing in someone's heart.

Awesome Post.... Kp Up!!

Rajat said...

It is not that easy to love. Isn't it? You have to do it today, tomorrow and everyday.
And there is nothing like 'you deserve better'. Don't ever trust those words.

Vishal Raj said...

Probably this could hold some meaning when love is perspicacious though agnostic.


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