Monday, April 12, 2010

The stranger in my life

Life was numb, and the world had moved on
I stayed back, calm, not trying to keep up

Yearning to solve the mooted riddles of life
Looking into the deep sky, day and night

I wondered, I wandered, awake and in dreams
Cursed the prime, for life out of me, reamed.

And then the maroon, had the gift like a boon
Precious, beautiful so, melodious as chime
I jumped in joy, my heart just whined
Life was good, joys flowed like rhyne

Time was flawless, moods were on swings,
Happiness bloated, blisses were on shing

But then later, I just agnize,
These are just the midgetly dreams
That I see with the open eyes

I know you, too, will move on, again
Life, at its best, will be ruthless again
I'll weep, i'll weep, i'll so weep in pain
Take a deep sigh, and lose you to vain

But don't you worry, I shall be fine
Don't worry my friend, I shall be fine


Richa Sharma said...

The ones we love always stay in our heart. The roads may take us to different places, but always remember, they intersected once and on some turn they may bring us back!!

Good going... Kp UP!!

Rajat said...

Please be fine Vijay.

Just repeating myself here
"One day I was sinking and was left all alone.
The path that I took, was not for me to go.
I lost myself, I lost my heart.
The pain was intense and was breaking me apart.
But now everything is clear, there is not even a single tear.
I know who I am and I know what I want."

Gazal Bharadwaj said...

You shall be fine. I know.
And the pic selection is awsum...


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