Friday, April 23, 2010

You are very special coz....

Whenever I think of you, smile plays on my face
Coz enchanting is your charm, amazing is your grace

When I see you around, my eyes go glittering
I wonder, you'll come to me, and I keep jittering

When I am with you, my heart jumps with joy
Our moments of togetherness, I so much enjoy

When you speak to me, music plays into my ears
Mesmerized, I murmur, "Go on. Go on. Go on dear!"

When you hold my hands, I can feel you care
I love thy gesture, and I love thy stares

When you hug me tight, it makes me delighted
My arms around you, we are one, we are united

When you kiss on my lips, you are irresistible

Oh Gawd !! Oh Gawd !!, Please.... don't stop
I am walking in heaven, just hold me when I drop

I thank God for your friendship and your love
For you are very special, Coz you are my LOVE

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Richa Sharma said...

Love is love when it exists beyond the glances, the stares, the hugs and the kisses. Love is something that can travel between two hearts!!

Beautiful words... amazing rhyme...

Kp Up!!

nikita said...


loved it..

oh..gawd!! oh...gawd!!!don't stop...

nikita said...

my arms around u,we are one.....amazing words..


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