Saturday, April 10, 2010

This ain't no friendship dear

This ain't no friendship my dear, the path we take
We just do it all, but love, we don't make

I am amazed what attracts me to you
Your simplicity, your smile or just your pain
We know we'll part away some day,
Attempts of togetherness will be lost in vain

But still we do it all, moments to relish
I wonder, our love is just not so selfish

Forget me not, my friend
Coz I worry for you, I care for you
Just remember me once, and
I am always there for you.


Richa Sharma said...

There is always a thin line between friendship n love. We all love our friends..but the question is do we 'love' one of them??
And.. attempts are never lost... together today may not be tomorrow, but the sweet memories of this attempt will always bring smiles :)

Great writing... Kp Up!!

ritika said...

Even I won't be able to get the person I love deeply. And I still love him, I wonder MY LOVE IS not selfish!!

Deepika Vasudeva said...

beautiful creation... u r word weaver...

Vishal Raj said...

Thanks Deepika :-)


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