Saturday, July 24, 2010

The (un)usual love stories

They were childhood friends. Knew each other quite well. They used to visit each others' home, meet at parties and celebrations. But those were the childhood days. Hrithiks' father Rakesh Raushan and Suzannes' father Sanjay Khan were good friends. As Hrithik and Suzanne grew older they used to meet less often. Suzanne went to USA for higher studies. She was pursuing course in interior designing. When the originally introvert lady Suzanne returned back to India, she was a confident woman.  At that time Hrithik was a struggling bollywood star. One day Hrithik saw Suzanne on the traffic signal and stood stunned. And all of a sudden the childhood friendship was now changing to attraction. After that Hrithik used to meet Suzanne  quite often at friends' parties. It is quite evident that even Suzanne had a soft corner for Hrithik since old times. The meetings went on. And finally the day arrived when Hrithik expressed his love to Suzanne. With this, also came commitment from both sides. Marriage was easy since both families knew each other since long and hence their relationship was accepted happily.  And this is a small cute story of childhood friendship.

This was truly love at first sight. It was when a boy of 18 was walking on the roads of Delhi saw this beautiful young lady. The heart said - She is made just for you. She is you love. Very strange. Because he knew nothing about that girl. Nothing bout her name, her place, her caste, her religion, her family. Just nothing.  The 14 year girl was Gauri. Now Shahrukh was determined to get that girl. But when he came to knew that the girl was hindu, it was a big shock to him. But Shahrukh didn't quit. It was 1984 when he got into friend circle of Gauri. Finally he managed to meet Gauri at her birthday party as Abhimanyu. The name Abhimanyu because it was his name in the serial 'Fauji' being broadcasted by Doordarshan.  Shahrukh expressed his love to Gauri, but was rejected. But he was not disheartened. He kept trying and day by day became dearer to Gauri. Shahrukh was almost  mad in love with her and too possessive too. This made Gauri so angry that she broke up with Shahrukh and left for her relatives in Mumbai. Mad Shahrukh too, went over to Mumbai and started searching for her. Finally he found her at Mahalakshmi. The meeting was too emotional one. After this they applied for  marriage in court in 1991.  It was a tough job for Shahrukh to convince his parents.  When they came to know that girl was hindu, they got too angry. There was a lot of drama. The matter almost went for a toss and seemed impossible. But finally everyone consented for their marriage.

This is a different story altogether. The boy was a full-fledged punjabi munda and the girl was from a proper tamilian brahmin family. Both met at IIM Ahmedabad. They came closer to each other during their college time. This was a sensible matured love. They both agreed to get married only after they convinced their parents.  But their families were against it. Anushas' father was strictly against this marriage. No marriage with punjabi boy. Similar was the situation in Chetan's family. It was a big trouble for both of them. Chetan, working in bank, got his job transfered to Chennai. He used to visit Anushas' family quite regularly and tried to impress and convince them. Similarly Anusha used to visit Chetan's family in punjab as Chetan's friend. This idea worked. Their families came closer. They almost got ready for the marriage. But on the right moment something went wrong and now the matter was in a big mess.  Chetan and his father were almost not on talking terms with each other.  But Chetans' father could not see his son in pain and melted down. One day he went to Chennai alone to meet Anushas' family and proposed for marriage once again. Probably Anushas' family was also waiting for this only. And all was set. Chetan has mentioned all this in a very interesting manner in his book - Two States.

This love is just another piece from the regular bollywood story. They used to live in neighborhood while their childhood. Grew together. Their father were good friends. And business partners too. The business was ruptured and the good friends now became enemy of each other.  All relations were broken.  Sourav used to visit the famous Loreto Convent school since Dona used to study there.  Even after the enemity between their family they both used to meet each other. At that time, Dona used to study in 12th class. Somehow their family came to know about their meetings. Gangulys' family was strictly against their marriage. But Sourav was also stubborn and determined that he would marry Dona only.  So they decided to first settle their career and then think about getting married. Dona started learning Oddissi dance while Sourav started his career in cricket. Sourav became a hero when he striked century in his first test match at Lords.  Later sometime Dona and Sourav got secretly married in court, with the help of friend Malay Bannerjee. When their family came to know about this marriage they strictly discarded their marriage. But later on both families finally agreed. A year later a grand party was hosted for celebration. And this is how dramatically a full bollywood style love story ended happily.

P.S. - All the information presented here has been gathered from Hindustan Remix, Sunday, 11 July 2010(Hindi version). Although I avoid reading hindi newspapers. But sometimes they are worth reading because of such stuff. :-)


ritika said...

Wow, what made you compile all the great and unusual love stories?

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Good post :) Two states is good :p
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