Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The pickle pot

This is just a short fictional story based on absolutely nothing.

A guy and a girl used to live together, sharing the same flat. Everything was going fine until one day the boys' mother arrived there.

Boy(surprised): Mom!! You here ? You could have called me up.
Mom(smiling): Its ok son. Just wanted to see you so I dropped in. Thought I would surprise you.
Boy : Sure you have(long sigh).

When mom comes to know that his son is sharing the flat with a girl, she gets quite angry but says nothing. Predicting this boy speaks to his mom.

Boy: Mom don't you worry. We are just friends sharing the living place. We are not having any affair. Believe me.
Mom: Its ok son. I am not saying that you both are having any affair. But I am not liking this. You should have not done this. But I trust you.

Mom lives there for a weeks time and then goes back.
A couple of days later boy calls up his mom.

Boy: Hi mom !!
Mom: Hey, How are you ? All fine ?
Boy: I'm good mom(pause). Mom I am not trying to say that you did this intentionally but did by any chance you took the pickle pot from the kitchen with you when you left for home ? That belonged to the girl.
Mom: Son, I believed you when you said that you were just friends with the girl sharing your flat and not having any affair. But had it been that you slept in your own room on your own bed, you would have found the pickle pot right beneath your blanket.

Boy hangs up immediately.


AL said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAH NICEEEE. This one's goign to keep me laughing for days :)

AL :)

Vishal Raj said...

@AL: Makes me feel good that I could make laugh somebody. Thanks for dropping in.

Beyond Horizon said...

OH.....DAT WAS REALLY GOOD....HUMOROUS....honestly i nvr thought it wud end in such a way!

ritika said...

That was super good, and by the way.. You changed your blog, colour and everything!!Looks nice ya!

and I'm still thinking over your blog, *winks*, *smiling* :))

Ritz.. said...

Hahahah ....... man it was niceee... too good ... keep it going ...



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