Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Game of love

I don't know how this game started
and it was you v/s me
and we played for each other
we played well, actually very well
but forgot that - every game has its rules
did I broke one? or did u?
ah!! how does it matters
as the game is over now
I lose and I quit the game


Nikita said...

Awh...its sad.
Love is a game where u always win even when u loose it.

Beyond Horizon said...

WHY IS IT LOVE CONSIDERED AS A GAME??.....if game den as evry game it has 2 b played acc 2 rules.....n d 1 who doesnt follow...it ends....1 wins...other loses.....so why not just love.....a beautiful soothing emotion :)

Vishal Raj said...

@Nikita: Love is the only game where people lose either ways.
@Beyond Horizon: I really have no answer to your question.

Rajat said...

winning is what I play for.. I'll play again if I lose once.. and finally I'll win one day.. giving up no not for me.


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