Monday, July 5, 2010

Arab terrorists

Mohammad goes to school in France, enters his classroom (first day) :

'What is your name?', asked the teacher.

'Mohammad,' answered the kid.

'Here we are in France, there is no Mohammad, from now on your name will be Jean Francois', replied the teacher.

In the evening, Mohammad returned home.

'The day went well Mohammad?' asked his mother.

'My name is not Mohammad, I am in France and my name is Jean Francois '.

'Ah, are you ashamed with your name?? Are you trying to disown your Parents? Your heritage ? Shame on you!!'. Then she beats him.

She called his father and told him what happened and he beats him too!!

Next day Mohammad returned to school. When the teacher saw him with all the bruises she asked: 'What happened my little Jean Francois???'

'Well Mademoiselle, 6 hours after becoming French I was attacked by two Arab Terrorists...'

P.S. : This post is not meant to hurt anybody in anyway. Please do not take it seriously.


Beyond Horizon said...

Insight of TRUTH....reflected perfectly....I shudnt hve said INSIGHT....bcoz truth nvr hides....but in today s era I think it is

jaacostan said...

nice and funny but....truth!!!

Vignesh Tg said...



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