Friday, May 21, 2010

I will be no more

I am trying to move away from you,

And my destiny is ripping us apart
I wish somehow I could elude
The baffle is creating a turmoil

I wish I could scream out
Return back the pangs of life
But I will take it all
I will not smile again

Come, hurt me some more
And I shall sustain through

I know the pain is awful
But this will come to an end
The pain will be no more
Because one day, I will be no more

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Rajat said...

I am too selfish to endure that pain for so long.

Vishal Raj said...

If the only thing that destiny passes on for half of life is pain, the only thing acceptable for the rest half is pain.

Beyond Horizon said...

strong....but painful expressions

Gazal Bharadwaj said...

Pain subsides.
Coz v learn 2 live wid it.

nikita said...

the pain will be no more..
coz one day i would be no more...

i can feel all the pain and misery u would have felt at that point of time...

only time can heal your pain...
god bless you...
take care..


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