Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I want you.. again...

Since the time you have left me
I trove you
In every bit of what you left behind

A broken heart
The entangled emotions
That sabotaged love
And a subverted me

Still, Looking at this boundless cosmos
I see you in all my wide open eyes see
I feel you in all my mortal touches
I want you in all I would wish forever

Please come back to me
For the severance is killing me every moment I'm alive without you
I want to live again, me being a part, only of you
I want to breathe again, with life you infuse in me


Rajat said...

is that possible now... there is already something dead within

Vishal Raj said...

Yeah, very much. Until there is an end of the life gifted by GOD, one may die thousand deaths with death of every desire of heart that goes unfulfilled. Especially love.

Nikita said...

its beautiful...
frst time to ur blog....
wondeful blog

ritika said...

wow.. Altruist feelings..!! :))


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