Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love you. Maa

I was wandering in the vast utopia of the almighty
When I heard a sweet voice calling me by name
Deliriously I looked around for the one calling me
Hoping to see the beautiful angel or a lovely dame

There she was, from another beautiful world of the divine
waiting for me, hoping for me, so joyed and elated
The dreams that she saw, the plans that she had
Its been long time, how long had she waited

She took the pains to bring me to this world
And to love me and love me and love me a lot
There I was in her tender hands, tears in eyes
Anxiously, excitedly, zealously, ardently she saw

A part of her; living, moving, smiling; in her embrace
She was complete once again, new life carved out of her
Blessed, gifted by god, for life; and ever I wish so

I dedicate this post to my mother, an inseparable part of me, my life. Love you MAA.

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Richa Sharma said...

This is beautiful!!
It talks about the mother's never ending, selfless love...

Wish your Mum a blessed life :)

walk of life said...

Very Very Very Nice.....touching and very beautiful....

nikita said...

its a beautiful dedication for your mom...
and yeah,its a new life for them too.
their love is the only one unconditional in this world...

it has touched me deeply..


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