Monday, May 17, 2010

Go away...!!!

I know that some day you may leave me, for ever and for ever
I beg you, don't hold me so tight that I can't run away from you

You will not come back to me
No matter how much I cry, and scream my lungs out
I will be alive, though I shall die from within, brutally
No emotions, no feeling, no love, no life
Just a structure breathing & moving, but twinged

You'll never know when would I slip away from your world
Roaming alone in search of the inner peace, lost forever
To find that almighty I've never believed in
To ask all those unanswered questions in my heart

Standing at some lonely high corner of the world
I would stare at that unending high
and scream and scream and scream till I loose my voice
and then also I shall scream from within, till I die
and then also I shall scream from my grave till I get earth
And then every bit of earth would scream
Choke the universe with the pain I have in my small heart

I'll not let you hear them, I'll not let you feel them
Coz I 'll never let you know the whereabout of my pains
No matter what form of the universe I am in
I would always love you, be with you
wherever you are, wherever your love is

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Anonymous said...

A bit sentimental and thought provoking writing...nice one..

nikita said...


its heart breaking...
why such a thought of dying?
love is not the only thing we live for and even if it is there is lots of love for you in this world.

remeber one thing always- never be a beggar of love,always be a donor....

you will always be surrounded by love then..


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