Thursday, May 13, 2010

Friendship v/s Love

There are times when I wanna stay just calm
But you'd want to me to speak up my heart
When I open my heart to you, you go mute
Mutely you say, "Why you seem so shrewd?"

I want you to be friend, I want to be your friend
A friendship so strong, which never would bend
I want you to be my love, I want to be your love
Our love so prudent, our love without any end

When I am friend, you look around for my love
And if I love you, you say "Just be my friend."
Let me be your love, or just let me be a friend
Don't keep me perplexed, lets bring this to an end

1 comment:

nikita said...

dats so..true about gals.

and if i love you,u say....just be my friend...


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